Petroleum Equipment
We pursue the creation of customer value and strive for technological innovation. Our independently developed series of high-end intelligent petroleum equipment are patented both in China and overseas. These products have international advanced level and are highly appraised by users around the world.
Internal Blowout Preventer

JJC Tec high performance top drive internal blowout preventer (IBOP) adopts special materials and processing technology, longer service life, strong bearing capacity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, safety and reliability, innovative patent design, has ultra-low pressure opening torque, when the pressure difference between the two ends of the ball valve is 30MPa, it can also be easily opened by a single person and provides a strong guarantee for well control safety.


Low Open-Close Torque

Using patented and independently developed materials for valve spool and valve seat, optimizing the structure and parameters, the JJC IBOP provides extra low opening torque for quick, safe, and reliable manual operation under 30MPa pressure difference.

High Reliability

The valve body is made of specialty steel with special treatment to endure high pressure, high flow rate, and high tension. The product is API 7-1 certified and ensures high reliability and long service life.

Long service life

By developing the surface treatment and the preparation technology of high-performance coating, the friction between valve seat and valve core can be reduced, the switching torque can be reduced, and the reliability and service life of well control can be improved.
Techincal Specifications
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